Cast Iron Fire Hydrant Boxes

  • With or without precast concrete surround
  • Ductile cast iron fire hydrant cover
  • Plastic fire hydrant cover with cast iron lid - available in grey and yellow

Cast Iron Stop Valve Covers

  • Sluice Valve Cover
  • With or without concrete surround
  • Plastic Sluice Valve Cover with cast iron lid - grey, yellow, red, blue, lilac

Water Meter Covers

  • Precast concrete water meter cover and lid
  • Precast concrete rectangular water meter cover and lid - medium and large. Suits 20mm pipes.
  • Available with galvanised steel lids

Marker posts and bases

  • Post heights 1200mm, 300mm
  • Fire Hydrant markers (FH)
  • Stop Valve markers (SV)
  • Water Mains (WM)
  • Reflective markers

Precast Concrete Stop Valve Covers, Fire Hydrant Boxes, Water Meter Covers