Time saving, easy to install, no onsite concreting required.

Precast Concrete Sump Cover Slabs

  • Types R, QS, QD, PD, PS
  • To suit modified laback and mountable kerbs
  • Covers to suit pre-1985 sumps (two sizes)
  • Left or right hand application
  • Double entry option
  • Custom dimensions available on request

Manhole Access Covers

  • Class B 80KN load application
  • Class C and Class D available on request
  • Also available in Class D circular solid top ductile cast iron 
  • Custom dimensions available on request

Transition Slabs

  • Offset cover to facilitate use of stepirons
  • Available for shaft diameters of 1050mm and above


  • Precast concrete stormwater channels
  • Full base
  • Flat batter
  • Steep batter